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Hi U2 team, a thanks message from one of your fans who survived from leukemia to see you again in Japan.

Hi U2 team,

This is an English translation of a message to you by one of my online friends @PkrjKh, who went to see you in concert on 04 and 05 December 2019 at Saitama Super Arena in Japan, reporting as follows.

  1. I, @PkrjKh was greatly moved when I saw U2 live in Saitama Super Arena in 2006. I thought and have thought it is the best live I ever see in my life. Then I got a diagnosis to suffer from a kind of leukemia in summer of 2016. So much grief actually swept down on me then.

    Meanwhile, my families, friends and twitter followers supported me. And yes, my favorite music and songs played the part. I would listen to music in hospital every day. That was the only place to relief for me. I was dreaming something there too. One of my dreams was to visit U2 live again. I wanted to have the experience again that penetrated me in 2016.

  2. My days in the hospital lasted for 10 months for transplant and other clinical care for me. But finally I left the hospital in spring 2017. My families, friends, followers and yes, my dream enabled me to do it, I believe. I gradually returned to my daily life without falling sick.

    One day, when I told my dream to my friend that I wanted to see U2 live again, the friend was kind enough to join U2 fan club and promised me and all the friends there to see U2 in concert together in the next opportunity.

    Two years passed. The news came to me in May 2019 that U2 would visit Japan again for the first time in 13 years. The concert venue was planned at Saitama Super Arena, the same location as in 2006.

  3. My friend rememberd the promise and got the tickets at U2 fan club for me with another friend who had heared my dream in 2017, we three visited Saitama Arena on 4th December in 2019. I was delighted by U2 of course, and in addition, I was happy that I have friends who keep a "long promise".

    Thanks to fan club menbership, we enjoyed the live so close to the stage. And to our surprise, we found Brad Pitt next to and to and to and to my seat!

    U2 live was wonderful. Many songs played that had encouraged me in my hospital days. The production was cool too. I was really moved by U2 again in the precious hours. I said to myself that it is good to be alive.

  4. I visited Arena on 5th December too. I also wanted to see U2 alone. Fortunately I got the ticket.

    Before the concert, I met some friends. One of them made me happy when she (living in Fukushima prefecture, northern way of Saitama) informed me to get married. Yes, I celeblated her from the heart.

    In 4th-Dec concert, I was so excited. And In 5th-Dec one, I got a little calm down myself. At the same time, various feeling hit me with some tears. I found 3 different songs in the playlist from the previous day. It was so good to see U2 for 2 straight days.

  5. This is how my best live in my life was updated. Thank you U2! This 2-day experience will surely support my whole life, recallming me the mind of never-ever giving up anything for the rest of my life, with a gratitude.

I couldn't forget the U2 live experience in 2006, 13 years ago. My dream in the hospital days will soon come true on 4th and 5th December 2019. I am going to join the live on both days. I have completed U2 albums by paper jackets as well as hi-reso SHM-CDs as my respect for U2 this time, in these 6 months after the news flashed that U2 would visit Jpanan again. I am so looking forward to joining U2 live! (on 18th November 2019)